Preparation is key

Our project manager holds an introductory meeting with the installers and construction providers to give them instructions for work. This results in the clear distribution of work and responsibilities, well-defined quality criteria and deadlines for the completion of activities. This phase is crucial for excellent final execution.

Perfect execution

Our experts are actively involved during the entire execution of the PROVENT ventilation system. We take care of the final installation of energy-saving hoods, connect all the electric elements to the power grid, launch the system and train your users. This allows us to have a constant overview of the project activities and to ensure flawless operation.

Our work ends
when the client is satisfied

Our collaboration does not end with the system launch. We monitor the operation of the kitchen for a certain period afterwards, checking the efficiency of the system operation. We listen to your wishes and needs and adjust the system settings accordingly. For us, the project only ends when the client is completely satisfied.