The extreme importance
of ventilation

No equipment in the kitchen has more impact on work efficiency than the ventilation system. The ventilation system decides whether the work conditions in the kitchen will be unbearable or healthy, safe and comfortable. Incorrect ventilation presents a safety risk, decreases productivity, causes serious health problems in employees, increases the costs of heating and cooling and causes guest dissatisfaction.

Prezračevalni sistem za profesionalne kuhinje - Provent

Why a system?

If we are not satisfied with the cooking area, we can simply replace it. However, the ventilation, heating, cooling and air-cleaning system is an indispensable part of the kitchen. When the system is not carefully considered from the very beginning, future corrections can be very difficult and expensive. Whether the kitchen is large or small, perfect working conditions must be automatically ensured in all its areas. This is hard to achieve with equipment from different suppliers, who like to blame each other when the patched-up system does not work. The only solution that ensures decades of smooth operation is a comprehensive ventilation system.

The best

Good chefs are rare. Sooner or later, the heat and bad air will drive away even the toughest ones. On the other hand, an excellent work environment without heat, steam, grease and carbon monoxide can increase productivity so much that three people can create as much as four under worse conditions.

Heat removal

Chefs are most productive at temperatures around 22°C. At temperatures above 26°C, productivity falls rapidly, while the number of mistakes and injuries increases. Too high a temperature in the kitchen not only affects the personnel, it also increases the number of failures of different kitchen appliances and impacts the profitability of the restaurant.

Grease removal

Grease that sticks to the ventilation equipment and gathers in the ducts of the ventilation system is a major sanitary and fire risk and its removal can noticeably increase the maintenance costs. The ventilation system should allow the efficient removal of exhaust air and its filtration, minimising the need for a cleaning service.

air quality

Hot air, smoke, steam, particles in the air and strong smells can irritate the eyes and skin and cause breathing problems. Bad ventilation can add to the accumulation of combustion products, such as carbon monoxide. However, good ventilation removes all irritants and creates pleasant air at an ideal temperature regardless of the season or intensity of work.


A commercial kitchen uses a lot of energy, which hurts its profitability. When exhaust air is vented away by kitchen hoods, fresh air must be introduced back into the kitchen. During the heating season, this air sometimes needs to be warmed form -10˚C to 20°C, requiring a lot of thermal energy. The energy consumption and costs can be significantly reduced with the help of different technologies.

Reduces costs

To achieve the greatest efficiency and the lowest costs, we also need to decrease the costs of cleaning and maintenance. In some complex systems, these costs can be sky-high. The ideal ventilation systems allow the majority of cleaning and maintenance to be performed by your own employees.

Fewer personnel

Not only does long-term work in the heat and irritating smoke reduce productivity, it also increases the number of mistakes, leading to wrong orders and even physical injuries. Unsuitable work conditions increase the probability of illness and sick leave. A correctly designed ventilation system prevents overwhelming work conditions and reduces the costs of sick leave.

Better safety

A correctly designed ventilation system includes hoods with filters that prevent fire from spreading inside the hood and into the ventilation ducts. This significantly reduces the possibility of a large fire that could result in the kitchen being closed down.

Satisfied guests

Satisfied guests who come back and recommend your services to others are the main source of income. A correctly designed kitchen ventilation system provides the best conditions for healthy and sanitary food preparation and allows the guests in the dining room to enjoy their meal in a perfect environment, without any unwanted odours.

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