The first choice of
demanding chef
and owners

Chefs and other personnel want the best working conditions. Owners want a profitable kitchen with the lowest costs. Demanding owners and chefs do not accept compromises and require both.
PROVENT ventilation system is made for you.

A comprehensive system
for a profitable kitchen

PROVENT ventilation system is a combination of different kitchen hoods connected to an air conditioning system with the automatic central management of all elements. This always ensures the most optimal operation, automatically adjusted to the current conditions, whether in a small kitchen with one hood or in a large kitchen that needs several.


Thanks to the innovative solutions that increase productivity at lower costs, the PROVENT ventilation system is an investment that is available to every commercial kitchen. With an affordable investment, it enables exceptional savings in energy costs, which means that it can be repaid in just a few years.

Uniform ventilation
without draft

Highly efficient kitchen hoods have a specific construction of elements that evenly blow fresh air from all sides of the hood, which ensures the best possible ventilation of the space around the thermal cooking elements and of areas further away. The hoods also enable you to supply fresh, cooled or heated air to other areas of your kitchen, such as the food preparation area.

Prezračevalni sistem za profesionalne kuhinje - Provent

suction innovation

Most of the ventilation systems on the market use too much energy to vent, supply and heat the air. Highly efficient kitchen hoods have a patented construction of the extraction area, ensuring the efficient extraction of the exhaust air beneath the hood using 30 % less air volume. The costs of fan operation and air heating during the heating season are thus comparably lower.

Automatic adjustment

Sometimes only a few thermal cooking elements are in use in your kitchen, sometimes all of them and sometimes only the dishwashers. KIVENTIS intelligent control system automatically adjusts the air temperature and power of ventilation depending on the intensity of work and the external weather conditions. The wall control panel with a touch screen allows you to control and adjust parameters.

Heat recovery

One of the many secrets of the energy efficiency are the small plate heat exchangers in the highly efficient kitchen hoods, which filter out the grease fumes and heat up the fresh air. These heat exchangers are so efficient that they can warm up the external air from 0°C to 20°C using only the thermal energy of the exhaust air, with no additional heating.

Incredible energy savings

PROVENT ventilation system boosts your savings, as it reduces your external air heating costs by more than 80% during the heating season and the costs of electricity for the operation of the fan by more than 50%. These incredible results are possible thanks to the patented air extraction system, the recovery of heat from the exhaust air and the constant automatic adjustment of ventilation intensity to the thermal equipment actually in use.

grease removal

Highly efficient kitchen hoods achieve very effective grease filtration. The filtration system of each individual hood is so efficient that it filters practically 100% of all grease particles larger than seven micrometres (0.007 mm), out-performing most of the systems on the market. The exhaust ducts and the exhaust ventilation get only minimally dirty, which significantly increases the time between cleanings.

care and maintenance

Most of the energy-saving systems on the market are made from a large number of complex units that must be cleaned and maintained by a team of external specialists. PROVENT ventilation system is unique because it is made from simple units, which can mostly be cleaned by your own personnel. All filters and heat exchangers are designed to be washed in a normal dishwasher.

A unique

The aim of all innovations in the PROVENT ventilation system is to combine the seemingly impossible: the best possible conditions for the highest productivity and satisfaction of the chefs with the lowest possible operational and maintenance costs for the best profitability. No other ventilation system for commercial kitchens combines these two factors as well as PROVENT ventilation system.