Goal: superior

The aim of demanding top chefs and the owners of the best kitchens is the same: create a smoothly running apparatus that creates the best dishes in the most profitable way and under the best working conditions.
PROVENT helps you improve the efficiency of your kitchen. The ventilation system is the lifeline of a commercial kitchen which connects all the elements and has a crucial impact on the comfort, productivity and costs of the kitchen. It impacts the satisfaction of your chefs, guests and most of the costs connected to energy usage … and has a crucial impact on the life expectancy of your restaurant.

Perfect adaptability

Our every system and individual piece of equipment is always adjusted to your specific needs and dimensions. Let’s talk about it.


PROVENT was founded in 1997 with the aim of offering the most economical ventilation and air-conditioning devices and systems. Only three years later, on the cusps of the new millennium, we created the first generation of the MEDIA commercial energy-saving hoods. In the next couple of years, the MEDIA hood was installed in more than 400 commercial kitchens. Twenty years after the company was founded, we created a comprehensive ventilation system for commercial kitchens. PROVENT ventilation system is unique in its combination of the automated provision of ideal working conditions and the creation of major savings of energy and maintenance costs, which can be found in no other system on the market.


Our clients are small and large restaurants, small family hotels and large and famous hotel chains, schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, kitchens in commercial and industrial buildings.

A team you can trust

Anže Ves

Managing Director

Janez Lenarčič

Sales Manager

Florijan Renar


Darko Torkar

Development Manager

Our promise

To every client, you included, we give the same promise: If you are looking for the best work conditions in your kitchen with the highest operational cost-savings for a competitive investment price, you will find no better solution.